Waverley Victory


Waverley Victory was formed in 2010 when the club was re-born from Clayton Soccer Club. Since that time Waverley Victory have worn strips of navy blue with a white V on the front of the shirt.

Waverley Victory had seen the benefits of a sublimated kit in season 2015 when they were first introduced to the concept. Their revenue generation from sponsorship grew dramatically. With no outlay on heat-sealed sponsor logos they were pleased that every sponsorship dollar remained within the club.

For season 2016 they wanted to extend these sponsorship and revenue generation opportunities. Maintaining a distinct look and feel was also important for them for all on field and off-field apparel.


Meeting with the club they had determined that they were going to pursue a complete custom designed shirt and shorts. This was primarily because they had sponsors who had seen the success of the 2015 kit and wanted to jump on board with the club. This kit would also feature a custom-playing sock.

We designed a completely new playing shirt – from scratch for them, which featured inset panels with a completely new silhouette. As well as home and away kits, we designed a dedicated girls home and away kit with accent features in pink. A customised tracksuit will also be worn in season 2016. This will be manufactured from micro-fibre and features a full cotton lining with the word Victory featuring on the sleeve.

Extending their revenue generation opportunities Waverley Victory asked KonQa to design and manufacture 500 balls in sizes 3-5 with their club logo and a sponsor’s logo.