Good Fellas


GoodFellas are a Perth based team. They contacted us as they had seen some of the designs we had produced for Futsal teams on our Facebook page. They were looking for some new kits and enquired as to whether we would be prepared to make only 8 shirts for them.


GoodFellas had no crest or specific colours in mind. So taking our inspiration from the film of the same name we thought a shirt modeled on an Italian Serie A club would be a good starting point. (Despite the film being set in the USA it dealt with organised criminal gangs of Italian ethnicity) and after looking at a number of them we though that Sampdoria shirt had the colours we were looking for.

We then set about designing a club crest. Again, paying homage to the film we looked at featuring images that would resonate and refer to that piece of art.

These were designed and delivered within 4 weeks with a replacement shirt being made some time later when one was stolen from a washing line- clearly the thief had discerning taste. Despite a reward for its safe return the shirt remains missing.