Geelong Umpires


Since its inauguration in 1935, the Geelong Football Umpires League (GFUL), has come a long way to become one of the largest and most progressive umpiring groups in Australia, second only to the AFL. The GFUL is the oldest surviving umpiring organisation in country Victoria.

Geelong Umpires had a specific problem that they needed to address- they could not find a comfortable playing sock in the special colour that they were required to wear.

Previous suppliers had provided socks with minimal stretch and in only two sizes 2-7 and 7-11.


We met with Geelong Umpires and demonstrated the characteristics of the KonQa playing sock. We explained that the KonQa sock had gone through 28 stages of development until we were happy to put them into production.

Our socks had been extensively tested on elite athletes and we had abandoned plans to apply silicone non slip ‘beads’ on the sole as these hardened with washing and were uncomfortable to wear. Instead we chose to use an ingenious design with non-slip knitted into the 100% cotton sole.

Over 300 Geelong Umpires will be wearing KonQa socks in 2016.