Design, product development and quality assurance

In working closely with the KonQa design team you can be assured your club will have access to a team of professionals who will enhance your ‘on and off-field’  apparel.

The KonQa design team have worked on some of the largest and most recognised sporting brands in the Southern Hemisphere. We have a background in designing for major clubs in the A-League, W-League, National Rugby League, Rugby Union and Womens National Basketball leagues.

By crossing a variety of sports, even the WWE, our designers are dedicated to creating the best performance wear for today’s athletes. Through high attention to detail, rigorous research, exacting quality assurance techniques and constanty interacting with elite, club and recreational players, we are able to remain at the forefront of sportswear design. KonQa provides superior sportswear for the athlete of all levels, whether it be at professional, semi-professional, aspring players or recreational participants.